My name is Marianne, I am the mind, soul and muscle behind Scandica Fine Art Photography and this is my blog. Welcome !

I was born and raised in the far away country of Finland, pretty much on the other side of the world. I am the daughter of a Finnish mother and a Swedish father, so calling myself Scandinavian is pretty accurate, don't you think ?

I met a South Side Irish from Chicago in an Irish pub in Hong Kong. Our first date was in Macau and second in Canada. How's that for an international love affair ? The third time we met in California and by then I knew I had to marry this guy if I wanted to stop flying around the world to meet him. So I did. I shipped about 600 pounds of Very Important Stuff, mostly shoes, over the Atlantic and bought a one way ticket to Chicago.

That was six years ago. Today I have two little Irish-American-Scandinavian boys and one 100% Chinese-American goldfish. Scandica, my third child if you may, is the result of my desire to combine my photography talent with my Scandinavian vision of beauty. It's been said that a Finn is never happy unless she is little sad. Sprinkles of sadness can be found in many of my photographs, maybe just because of my Finnish roots.
I am a Chicago based portrait photographer, who offers baby/child portraits, family portraits and classic nude portraits. Maternity portraits or 'belly pictures' as I call them are among my favourites too. I photograph corporate headshots, engagement pictures and some occasional weddings and fashion shoots as well.
I have a-one-in-a-million husband, my beautiful, beautiful boys and a job that I love. To balance things out I also have 24/7 duty to wipe mouths, butts and the floor, and a computer with serious mental problem. But that's life.

I hope you enjoy my blog.