The first thing I did as a professional photographer was join ACPCG, the American Child Photographers Charity Guild. We go to NICUs and hospital wards to photograph terminally ill or extremely premature babies at parents' request and free of charge. As a mother it is heartbreaking to even think about the possibility of losing my child, but it is reality for many parents. I can not do much compared to the doctors and medical science, but at least I can do something. I do a lot of charity work through various children's organizations but ACPCG is the most important to me. If you are a mother in need of ACPCG service or know somebody who is, please visit the organizaton's website to find a photographer near you.

Alexis, an absolutely charming 5 week old princess was photographed with her big sister Olivia at their home yesterday. Melanie, thank you for letting me in your beautiful home for this shoot. My thoughts are with you and your family.