Thank you to all of you who posted a comment regarding my "Who is she?' competition two weeks ago. It is my pleasure to announce that Corinna is a 50 year old business woman, happily married and she recently became a grandmother for the second time. These pictures are part of a classic nude photo album, a birthday present for her husband.

- Being 50 and being a grandmother does not mean that I am not a woman anymore, she says. -I am living the best time of my life and would not change a single thing. Long gone is the insecurity and self doubt I had when I was younger. I am all woman, in sync with myself, inside and out. I have accepted and learned to love myself the way I am, not perfect, but darn good!

Corinna is a perfect example of today's women. Strong, smart and sexy. Hooray for that!

The gift certificates will go to Susan H. and Susanna Andersson as soon as I'll get their mailing addresses.