Do you ever imagine or dream of being somebody else? Somebody who is pretty or famous or successful? A movie star, a singer or a Nobel prize winner?

I do. Sometimes. Quite often, to be honest. When I take a shower I sing my heart out, pretending I actually have a voice, which I don't. My voice, which could be described as something like 'a crow on a gloomy December morning' does not matter when I lather my soap and pretend I am actually performing at La Scala. A husband who is knocking on the door and telling me to cut it out or that the neighbours will call the police, does sometimes interfere with my daydreaming. But I guess he has a right to do that, being a husband and all.

Household chores can be so much less pain, when you pop Cher into your Ipod and pretend that you are rehearsing for your performance at Caesars and don't mind the fact that while she will, you'll be still washing those same dishes and folding that same laundry. A little daydreaming can be a good thing.

Ever since I saw the hilarious clip of Sarah Silverman telling that she is doing Matt Damon, I've also had good dreams at night. Mostly about doing Matt Damon. Mostly against the minibar. Just like every woman of those 5 million Youtube viewers who keep playing the clip over and over again. What can I say? I am a woman too...

I never had real problems with being who I am, it's pretty good to be me. But I have to admit that earlier last week when Elizabeth had her portraits taken I started thinking that it might be pretty cool to be as beautiful as she is. Even for a day. Elizabeth is a 43 year old media professional, who is surprising her husband with an album of Classic Nudes for their anniversary.